Coach Ferr is a 27 year veteran in the fight game ,competing in numerous international kyokushin K-1 based tournaments and sharing the mat with legendary fighters Coach Ferr has studied the art of MuayThai under legendary names such as Kru Phil Nurse ,Kru Marc Cleary.


With much diverse striking came the years of the sweet science (boxing),influenced by his neighborhood friend Arturo Gatti ,Coach Ferr went on the amateur boxing scene under the watchful eye of Ab Pervin, Paul Evans with much success in the amateur boxing scene coach Ferr met world renowned Tristar coach Firas Zahabi and went toe to toe with him and so the bond began still competing in numerous striking arts ,Coach Ferr was asked to become a sparring partner for GSP in his run for the title against Matt Hughes and so forth .


As the years went by and my competitive days were coming to a halt ,I had became striking coach at world renowned Tristar gym working with international fighters from organizations like UFC ,PRIDE,Bellator,Strikeforce,K-1 ect ect …Today I share my martial arts knowledge to inspire and educate anyone who wants to achieve their own personal goals ,being weight loss or a martial arts .Coach Ferr can adapt to your needs…Sincerely Coach Ferr (Tristar gym).


1995 qualified for World k-1 KYOKUSHIN tournament in japan TOKYO dome

1996 American international KYOKUSHIN championships 16sec KO

1999 gold cup

2001 gold cup

2003 runner up